Vashikaran Yantra

The science of astrology pay due regards to vashikaran yantra, and it is also considered to be very important part of the science. Vashikaran yantra is basically a metal sheet or a paper on which geometrical shapes like squares, circles or triangles are encrypted. These vashikaran yantra are designed on old vedic ways and each design represent a different mantra. Not every metal can be used to become the base of a vashikaran yantra but there are few metals which are specified namely gold, silver, crystal, birch, copper, Vishnu stone and paper.

Vashikaran yantra

are mainly made up of squares, circles or triangles because these geometrical shapes are very closely related to cosmos and therefore, they represent cosmic energy very strongly. There is a very close connection between these two -geometry and cosmos. All a person is required to do is to light a lamp in front of the vashikaran yantra. This practice proves to be very propitious and fruitful for the worshipper.

The yantra are believed to bring health, successfulness, pacification and safety to its worshippers. When a person is working hard to get something but is unable to succeed, yantras help. Vashikaran yantra smoothen your personal as well as professional life. The Vashikaran yantra are orphic designs that symbolize different planets of the universe. Now each planet has positive and negative effects, so these vashikaran yantra helps to curb the negative energy and enhances the positivity.

The different shapes in the yantra are symbols of five basic elements of life which are earth, fire, air, water, sky. For example, circle symbolize water, square symbolize earth etc.

Vashikaran yantra siddhi puja and significance


According to the Vedic custom, a vashikaran yantra yields best results when actuated by Siddhi Puja. Siddhi Puja is a special ritual which is executed by learned persons or purohits which dedicate specific mantra of a specific God.

Types of Yantra

A lot of yantras are available in the market nowadays. But one has to choose his/her yantra properly and be sure about their genuineness. You must buy them from a popular and known store or from a website as per your prerequisites. Every yantra serves a different purpose and can be chosen accordingly. They can be aimed at bringing health, success, peace, humanity, harmony in relations. The different yantras present in the market are…

Sri Yantra –

This yantra is good for getting affluence and fame, chiefly important for senior officers and political leaders. Kuber Yantra – aimed at bringing wealth and attaining financial success.

Vyapar Vriddhi Yantra –

this yantra is for business men who want to expand business, increase sales, profits, turnover etc.

Baglamukhi Yantra –

it is used to overcome enemies, in succeeding competitive exams, to win cases, prevention from diseases, in healing, in safety from accidents etc.

Gayatri Yantra –

it is used to attain spiritual peace in life and to correct the planetary problem in horoscope.

Durga Beesa Yantra –

if this yantra is worshipped properly during holy days of Navaratras, reciting beej mantra, is very beneficial and by worshipping it properly one can get what he desires.

Kaalsarpa Yantra –

it is suitable for the people who have kaalsarp yog in their horoscope. The ill effects of kaalsarp yog can be removed effectively by worshipping this yantra.

Vashikaran Yantra – 

it is meant for those who wants to allure someone’s love or to win over somebody’s mind or for marriage.

Mahamrityunjay Yantra – :

it is used for attaing a good health, prevention from sickness or any kind of disease.

Surya Yantra –

it helps in gaining fame, power and prosperity. A disturbed career can be treated with this yantra.

Navgraha Yantra –

is a representation of nine planets that can curb the ill effects in horoscope.


Different yantra are: •

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